Smart Visual Acuity System

Smart computerized visual acuity and contrast sensitivity testing systems offer the technological features needed to increase the quality of care we provide, streamline our practice and increase throughput.


Announcing a Technical Breakthrough for Testing Visual Acuity


Advance Refraction Equipment – the Stimuli™ Advance Version 4.0

  • Randomizes optotypes and eliminates patient memory effect.
  • Calibrates for long, short, or folded exam rooms.
  • Wide Dynamic Range, High Sensitivity.
  • Offers pediatric patients special video and fixation targets.
  • Resolves to Sub-pixel accuracy.


Stimuli™ Advance Version 4.0

The Stimuli™ is a refraction device that replaces the old technology, the automated projector. Stimuli™ eliminates the “memory effect” by bringing unlimited charts to the patient in a random manner. All functions are at the practitioners’ fingertips.

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